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Julie Mallon
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Nurture Baby Services, the dedicated gentle sleep Nanny and babysitting services offering maternity nurses, night nurses, babysitting services and gentle baby sleep coaching throughout the uae.

Thanks to Julie’s program, our baby has rarely skipped his morning nap or early bed time at night even with teething or cold. And who said breast fed babies can’t sleep through the night? With Julie’s program, everything is possible. Thank you for not only changing our baby’s life, but also ours as a parent!

Al Sughayier

Al Sughayier

My wife and I were fortunate enough to attend her group sleep workshop in the early days of our parenting journey. It really helped us develop an appreciation and deep understanding of the science behind sleep. We walked out confident and were able to implement her strategies.

We did eventually hit a wall and brought in Ms. Mallon for a private home consultation. She really took the time to get to know us, understand our child and then recommended a plan that worked best for us as a family. She keeps the child at the centre of her work and we have nothing but admiration for her. She is a gem!

Vickram Agarwal

Vickram Agarwal

Being a first time mum is not easy and to raise a lil one without ‘ a village ‘ is even more difficult. It was when all the Google searches on sleep training failed me and Gina Ford books made it even worse, a Ta-da moment happened! Julie happened! She entered our world and since then it all changed! we got our sleep back, my lil baby boy Kiaan did the magical hours of sleep aka he started sleeping through the night. What I had thought was impossible Julie made it possible. Julie also immensely guided me with my boy’s weaning! I not only have a baby that sleeps through the night but also eats whats put on his plate! Happy baby =to happy Mummy! and this equation was achieved all because of Julie’s help, guidance and support! She is my mentor and I couldn’t be happier to have met her.

Neha Singhwi